Institutes accepting JMET score

 | September 22,2010 04:27 pm IST

Institutes accepting JMET

JMET is only a qualifying examination. Candidates have to apply separately to the Institutes of their choice.

After clearing the entrance exams students have to face various other tests which are conducted by the respective institutes.

Following colleges use JMET scores for admission in their MBA programs


1 IIT Bombay: Shailesh J Mehta School of Management


2 IIT Delhi: Department of Management Studies


3 IIT Kanpur : Department of Industrial & Management Engineering


4 IIT Kharagpur : Vinod Gupta School of Management


5 IIT Kharagpur : Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


6 IIT Madras : Department of Management Studies


7 IIT Roorkee : Department of Management Studies


8 NIT Calicut




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deepikagarg1990 on 07/18/11 at 01:43 am

i m confused whther iits r considered as reputed for doing mba.......