Meet Nishant Dey Purkayastha, CAT 2011 99.63 Percentiler

 | January 12,2012 12:34 pm IST

Nishant Dey Purkayastha is one of those few lucky people who get a call from India’s premier institutes of Management, the IIMs. An electronics and telecommunication engineer, he is currently working as a consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers since August 2011.


Nishant scored a 99.23 percentile in CAT 2010 and converted a call from IIM Indore, but didn’t join as his desire for making it bigger remained. He spoke to CoolAvenues on his success, future plans and strategy that he followed to attain his goal.


CA: How does it feel to achieve a 99.63 percentile in CAT 2011?
Feels great finally get what I wanted. It feels good to see the hard work yielding results. Hopefully I'll be able to convert the calls.

CA: Was it your first attempt?
No it was my second attempt. I had scored 99.23 percentile in CAT 2010. But a low score in DI meant that I had only one cal from IIM Indore. I managed to convert it but didn't join as I felt I could do better.

CA: Got a call from IIM A. What next?
Now I'll be preparing for the interviews bit by bit. Will try my best to convert the calls. At the end of the day if the converts don't come then it’s back to ground zero.

CA: Do you feel that you could have scored a perfect 100 or you are satisfied with your score?
Maybe some other day with a bit more luck I could have scored higher. But I have no regrets. Happy with what I have got. I have seen many deserving people get much lower scores unfortunately. Thankfully I haven't had to go through that. So very much satisfied with what I have.

CA: What does it take to score that high in entrance exams like CAT?
The confidence that you can crack the exam is the most important for me. Of course a bit of luck so that you get those 50-50 answers right. Also a well prepared and a well tried approach helps. A good mock series with proper analysis helps develop both the confidence and the strategy.

CA: How has been the response from friends and family since CAT result is announced?
Have got congratulatory messages from friends and family all around. It feels great to see happy faces around. Friends and relatives have been calling all day.

CA: Have you started preparing for GD / PI? Share some tips.
Haven't yet started as such. I will be brushing up a bit on my general awareness and I also have to dig out my engineering books to recollect some of it at least. If time permits I might join a coaching centre so that I can prepare more methodically.

CA: What are your future plans?
Haven't though too far ahead yet. The focus now is on converting the calls. I'll try to prepare to the best of my ability by balancing time between my job and the preparations. Let’s see how the new few months turn out.

CA: Any tips for CAT 2012 aspirants.
I'll say prepare hard, prepare well. Don't think CAT is the toughest exam or anything as it isn't. Don't be in awe of it. Enjoy the preparation stage and have faith in your abilities to crack the exam. My best wishes to all the aspirants.