Online CAT 2010: A message from CAT Convener Prof. Himanshu Rai and Prometric

 | October 25,2010 02:17 pm IST

Online CAT 2010 will start from October 27. The most apparent question that hounds the minds of students for ‘online CAT’ is the word ‘online.

’ CAT is the test to eliminate uncompetitive from the creamy layer. The success mantra behind cracking CAT is — a poised and calm mind, less errors and avoiding the traps that the exam often surprises one with.


CoolAvenues spoke to Soumitra Roy - MD, Prometric India. Many students attempting online CAT for the first time might face problems. “All CAT aspirants are encouraged to make use of all the preparatory resources that are available on,” says Roy. CAT 2010 test site direction, practical guide and practice test is available on IIM’s official site for CAT. Roy also said that, aspirants are advised to familiarize themselves with the navigation and functionality of the test through the practice test that is on the CAT website.


Giving the last minute tips, Roy said, “They should check their Admit Card carefully for their scheduled test date, time and location, plan for sufficient travel time and have a good rest before their test day.” Students often tend to forget petty things under exam pressure. They should remember to carry their Admit Card, a valid photo identification and CAT voucher on their test day. “They should always stay contactable via the email address and phone number that they provided when registering for the CAT 2010,” suggests Roy. “Be patient on test day and ask a test centre administrator (TCA) for assistance if required,” he concludes.

When CoolAvenues asked Professor Himanshu Rai, what tips he would like to give to CAT aspirants, he said, “Being the convener I can't give tips. All I would say is that they should focus on the test, and focus on all three areas. Divide their time judiciously. Go with a positive mindset, read the instructions carefully, double-check your answers and stay calm throughout. I also wish them the very best.”


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