Personal Interview Tips from XLRI, Jamshedpur Alumnus

 | May 07,2010 02:58 pm IST

Q. Date and location of Interview? Were you given the option to choose? Was the interview date fixed or rescheduled couple of times.

A. 8th March 2006, 4:20 PM, LIBA Chennai. No rescheduling of interview date/time.


Q. Can you tell us about the panel that interviewed you?
A. Dr. Ashish K. Pani, Fr. Augustine and Dr. S. K. De. Dr. Pani is a professor in Information Systems area, Fr. Augustine is a professor in Marketing / Ethics area and Dr. De is a professor in Operations area.


Q. How long was your interview?
A. My interview was for 25 minutes duration.


Q. What was the first question? The most interesting question? The most difficult question?
A. The first question was 'Tell me something about yourself'. The most interesting question was whether all the employees of my company were also 'Headstrong', as is evident from the company name, or not? The most difficult questions were about my domain of work, at Headstrong.


Q. How did you prepare for the interview? While facing the panel, were you confident, did you feel prepared?
A. I prepared for a month, for my interview at XLRI, by going through all the latest business magazines like Business Today, Economic Times, etc. I was quite confident and prepared while facing my interview.


Q. Was any feedback given to you? What feedback did you receive from the panel at the end of session?
A. No..


Q. Did work experience help in getting the choice of your school and also in dealing with the curriculum?
A. Yes, definitely it helped me a lot in getting the B-school of my choice and in dealing with the curriculum here at XLRI.


Q. Getting into and sailing through a B-school is easier for a Science Graduate than for someone from Humanities background. Your comments please.
A. I agree with the fact, because science graduates usually have already studied a lot of MBA courses during their undergrad curriculum, whereas that is not the case with Humanities background people.


Q. Will an MBA degree add on to your existing career plan or did you decide to switch/start a career in management?
A. MBA degree would be an add-on over my existing career plan of being a Business Analyst / Strategy Consultant.


Q. Why did you decide to do MBA from this school?
A. The brand value, the awesome alumni network, the time spent and the quality of education of the next 2 years of my study at XLRI.


Q. Were you able to get the school of your choice or did you compromise and opted for the best option that was open/available for you?
A. I got into a school of my choice - XLRI, which was the only written call that I had converted, out of the consideration set of my B-schools.








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Guest on 10/06/10 at 05:38 pm

Gr8 achievements Sir Jee, I am also from Jsr, Name Represent Every Things(XLRI).