Relate answers logically: IIM K personal interview tips by a student

 | December 27,2011 05:06 pm IST

Unlike other b-schools IIM K does not conduct Group Discussion as a part of admission process, but essay writing. However, personal interview is as much a part of admission process as it is in other colleges.

Here are some excerpts from an interview with Saurabh Sheela Vasant Chambhare, PGPM student at IIM K.


Q. How did you prepare for the interview?
My focus for the interview preparation were the HR questions like ‘Tell me about yourself, Why MBA, Why IIMK, Why after 2 yrs of Job, aim in life, how does MBA help you to achieve all those, etc. I wanted to be very clear on this so that I can connect each answer logically. For GK questions, I followed newspapers and prep magazines by coaching institutes.


Q. How many interview calls did you get and actually converted to a final call?
My calls– IIMK, SJMSOM, IIFT, SIBM – All converted


Q. Can you tell us about the panel that interviewed you?
The panel consisted of two members – one was the faculty from economics and the other one was from strategy. The panelists were very friendly and kept the mood of the interview light. At no point of time they tried to stress me. It continued for 40 minutes.


Q. What kind of questions were you asked? Were they specific to any particular area?
There were no subject specific questions – the interview was mostly based on what I had mentioned in my CV, about my achievements, awards, hobbies, typical HR questions like Why MBA and all. There were very few questions on current affairs.


Q. What were the first question, the most interesting question, and the most difficult question?

  • First question – ‘Prof Chambhare (yes, prof is what they called me throughout the interview), tell us something about yourself that you haven’t mentioned in your CV’
  • Most Interesting Question – ‘If earth is sphere, why do we have ‘centers’ of economies? (they were referring to Shanghai & Mumbai which I said will be the next centers of world economy)
  • Most difficult question – ‘What is the relevance of online CAT in selection procedure of IIMs, as it does not provide a level playing field to all competitors and (as per their opinion) has no correlation with the actual abilities of candidates?’

Q. While facing the panel, were you confident, did you feel prepared?
I was confident most of the times as I was quite well prepared with the typical MBA interview questions.


Q. Write a brief about your Interview experience.
My IIMK interview experience was really nice. Thanks to the friendly and cheerful panelists, I took it more as a discussion than an interview. The intent of the questions was not to stress or confuse me, but to understand my opinion and know more about me. The pre-earned knowledge was not of much use; instead questions made me ‘think’ and form an opinion. The points I mentioned in my CV proved crucial in driving the interview. My confidence was high for most of the time during the interview. It helped to form a positive impression about myself. Overall, except at a few questions on current affairs, I did reasonably well.


Q. How would you rate your interview performance?


Q. Areas where you could have performed better?
Current affairs


Q. Give some handy tips regarding interview that would be of great help to MBA aspirants.
Prepare well for the typical questions and try to relate all the answers logically. Best to say ‘No’ when you really don’t know the answer – don’t try to cook it up. ‘Confidence’ – keep it high, but for correct reasons.