Rigorous and dedicated preparations - A Ticket to IIFT

 | November 27,2010 06:28 pm IST

 Srinivas Raman, a second year student (2009-2011) of International Business at IIFT shares his pre and post MBA experience with CoolAvenues. Right from the time of graduation, he had an inclination towards MBA, especially towards the finance sector but made up his mind to pursue MBA in International Business only after having relevant work experience.

Q. Can you tell us something about yourself and your pre-MBA qualifications and work-experience?
University Topper in Mechanical Engineering, Worked with Wipro for 34 months


Q. Tell us something about your life before and beyond MBA.
I was brought up in an orthodox Hindu Family and the hunger to grow coupled with support from others has helped me to reach the stage where I am now. Beyond MBA, use this experience as a step for my career growth along with organizational benefit.


Q. Which MBA Institutes and Programmes you identified for your MBA?


Q. Your present B-school and programme. Also, specify your Batch.
IIFT Delhi and MBA (International Business) 2009-11 Batch


Q. So when did you decide to go for MBA and what was the driving force behind?
I always wanted to do MBA since the time of graduation, but the inclination to do with at least 2 years of Work-Experience prompted me to take up serious practice session during 2008. Thus was able to make it up for the 2009 Batch successfully.
Inclination towards Finance, Managerial activities and necessity of premier B-School Degree to get into big named firms were the motivational factors


Q. Tell us about the company you were employed in, your work profile, area of work etc.
Worked in IT Major Wipro, Telecom Domain and was part of Telecom Hardware inventory migration team for a Swedish Tier-1 Telecom Service Provider


Q. Do you feel that your work experience has helped you in getting through the college of your choice?
Not really helped to get through, but it is helping me during my 2 years of education now in IIFT.


Q. Has it (Work experience) been helpful for you to understand the curriculum in a better way?
Yes, a lot better way with real life exposure to many scenarios being discussed was faced in those 34 months.


Q. Will an MBA degree add on to your existing career plan or did you decide to switch/start a career in management?
Career interest in Finance, but will not be disappointed with IT consulting or even Operations, as it would all value to my graduation degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Q. If you have opted for this course for a change in your career track, what made you feel so of  changing your career track?
-The necessity of MBA Degree and its usefulness in Career Growth.
-Also my interests in area of finance always motivated me to take up MBA for better prospects


Q. Has your expectations being met by the curriculum or you feel it could have been better?

It has been met to a great extent, but complete fulfillment isn’t possible anywhere is what I have learnt. 


Pre-MBA Preparation: Prepare for basics

Q. How did you kick start your preparations for getting into the B-school of your choice?
I did Normal B-School Preparation and nothing in particular. Concentrated more on my weaker section, i.e., Verbal. Gave all the Mock Exams and improvement on necessity areas were tried upon.


Q. When did you start your preparation and how many hours daily you devoted to it?
I started the preparations about 7 to 8 months before the examinations and devoted two hours daily, an hour in the morning and an hour either during travel or during some leisure time during work time.

Q. Did you take up some coaching or you believed in self-study? What was your experience?

I referred to TIME institute Study Material and appeared for Mock Exams. I did not go for any Coaching Institute. Coaching Material was good and gave an organized set up and areas needed to be concentrated upon. From there on, it was left for me to build upon.


Q. What are the other books and tests that you used for your MBA preparation, besides the  study material?
Loads of Business Magazines, few other small authored books


Q. Can you tell us which books are your favorite—books that you used for preparing for entrance, books for self-development, and books for pure relaxation?
Any Business Magazine, Few Inspirational Magazines, Time Management

Q. What were your strongest and your weakest areas while preparing for MBA?
Quant and DI (Data Interpretation) areas were very strong, but verbal was comparatively weak.


Q. What helped you master Quantitative Aptitude, Reading Comprehension, etc.?
Quant was natural and through good Maths basics. I never mastered RC, though reading a lot helped me improve it.


Q. What procedures your school has for admission to its MBA program?
Written Test, GD (Group Discussion), Essay and PI (Personal Interview).

Q. What is the range of score IIFT accepts and what was your score?
Range of people who got through was around 28 to 42 for General Merit out of 100. Others, between 17 to 30. My score was about 34.

Q. Give some handy tips regarding the MBA written tests that would be of great help to MBA Aspirants.
Prepare for basics and make fine changes few weeks ago based on the kind of exam it is. Mock Exams, helps a lot.