SJMSOM, IIT Bombay: Interview with Shrey Sharan

 | April 01,2010 04:36 pm IST

Q. Can you tell us something about yourself and your pre-MBA qualifications and work-experience?

I did my graduation from NIFT Delhi with a specialization in Apparel Manufacturing. As far as my industry stints are concerned, I have done a couple of projects with Maral Overseas, and a project each with Pantaloons & Arvind Mills. Through these projects in diverse profiles, I had made an attempt to understand the functioning of different domains of the Apparel Supply Chain. Prior to NIFT, I did my schooling from DPS Bokaro, a school which I consider instrumental in framing my personality.


Q. So when did you decide to go for MBA?(At what stage in your life you decided to go for MBA and what prompted the decision?
Ans. I decided for an MBA to augment my learning during my graduation. This decision was prompted by the need for gaining "Decision making capabilities" to supplement my existing technical expertise in my domain.


Q. Will an MBA degree add on to your existing career plan or did you decide to switch/start a career in management?
Ans. My basic intent and expectation with an MBA degree was an understanding of all the management disciplines with a focus on one discipline. And SJMSOM, with its varied electives and courses gives me plenty of freedom and opportunities to explore all the disciplines before taking an informed decision. As of now, I am still in the stage of understanding the management domains so commenting on my future career path would be a little premature.


Q. Which MBA Institutes and Programmes you identified for your MBA? (List all those MBA colleges and courses you applied for.
Ans. Since the inception of my MBA dream, I was very specific as to what collages should I apply to. In this regard, I applied to all the IIMs, XLRI (BM), SJMSOM, FMS, IIFT, MDI & DMS-IITD. Based on the final converts and the available options, I made an informed decision and joined SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.


Q. Your present B-school and programme. Also specify your Batch.
Ans. B-School: SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, Programme: Master of Management (Class of 2011) 


Questions related to Pre-MBA Preparation


Q. What was your first step to start preparation for getting into the B-school of your choice?
Ans. Once you have decided on the institutes which you would target, get as much information as possible about the entrance exams. Get to know the examination pattern, difficulty level, overall and sectional cut offs and ranks required to get a call and other key factors. Get hold of a few sample papers and solve them in order to establish a benchmark. For me, initially, I just solved various Mock CATs and previous years' papers to judge where I stand and where I need to be in order to get a call from my desired institute.


Q. When did you start your preparation? (How many months/years prior to management exams, did you start your preparation?)
Ans. I had put in consistent and uniform efforts for 12 months prior to the beginning of the management exams.


Q. How many months and how many hours daily did you devote for preparation of entrance exams?
Ans. I tried to devote at least 2 hours of effort daily for my examination preparation. Also, and perhaps more importantly, I devoted a lot of time for expanding my knowledge base (reading newspapers, magazines etc).


Q. Did you take up some coaching institute or you believed in self-study?
Ans. To keep me on my toes and constantly benchmark myself against others, I had taken up classroom coaching from IMS, Kailash Colony, New Delhi. Apart from this, I had also enrolled myself for TIME's AIMCAT series.


Q. What was your experience with coaching?
Ans. It was good and met my expectation. I personally believe that taking mock tests and thoroughly analyzing them are more important than the study material and the faculty.