Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai - Interview with Ritika Bedi

 | April 01,2010 05:29 pm IST


Q. How was the environment during Group Discussion?

The GD environment was quite ok. Although there was one member who spoke very slowly and took up a lot of the GD time; other than that the group behaved very well.


Q. Describe your impression of your team members and overall Group Discussion Process?
A. Some of the team members were very effective whilst others were not. The group discussion was conducted well.

Q. How would you rate your performance in Group Discussion? (On a scale of 10)
A. 8.


Q. Areas where you could have performed better in your Group Discussion?
A. I could have been a little more assertive in dealing with the member who was very slow.

Q. Give some handy tips regarding Group Discussion or Group Exercise that would be of great help to MBA aspirants.
A. 1. Speak good content.
2. Don't argue unnecessarily.
3. Agree to disagree.
4. Treat other members with respect.
5. Maintain eye-contact with all the group members since this gives you a chance to be seen as a leader.
6. Have an upright and energetic body posture.


 Interview-related Questions


Q. How did you prepare for the interview?
A. I prepared answers to certain FAQs such as why TISS, why HR, etc. Also I read up a little on social issues, etc., and brushed up on my course subject (Psychology).

Q. How many interview calls did you get and from which institutes? How many and which ones of these could you actually convert to a Final Call?
A. I got interview calls from SCMHRD-Pune, TISS-Mumbai, SIMS-Pune, UBS-Chandigarh. Once I converted TISS, I did not go for any other interview.


Q. Date and location of Interview? Were you given the option to choose? Was the interview date fixed or rescheduled couple of times? Was the interview venue changed or scheduled as per your convenience?
A. The location of the interview was Mumbai. All TISS interviews were conducted in Mumbai so location preferences are not given. However, dates could be re-scheduled if absolute emergencies necessitated it.


Q. Can you tell us about the panel that interviewed you?
A. There were 4 members in my panel. One was the Head of the Department of HRM & LR course, one was a Psychology professor. The other two were professors from other departments.

Q. How long was your interview?
A. My interview lasted for 25-30 minutes.

Q. What kind of questions were you asked? Were they specific to any particular area?
A. I was asked questions regarding why I chose HR. Also a number of Psychology-related questions and their application to business were asked. Finally, my views on some social issues such as reservation and caste were also asked.


Q. What was the first question? The most interesting question? The most difficult question?
A. Since I also had Sociology as one of my subjects, they asked me a specific question on caste which I found difficult. I was asked about the application of Maslows Hierarchy to compensation in organizations, which I found interesting.


Q. While facing the panel, were you confident, did you feel prepared?
A. Since I was asked a number of questions in my area of expertise, I felt quite confident.


Q. Write a brief about your Interview experience.
A. My interview experience was pleasant. It was not a stressful interview. The questions were asked to know what I did know rather than what I didn't know.


Q. Was any feedback given to you? What feedback did you receive from the panel at the end of session?
A. No, I was not given any feedback.


Q. How would you rate your performance in the Interview? (On a scale of 10)
A. 8.


Q. Areas where you could have performed better in your interview?
A. I did not know the answer to one question they asked, which I should have known.

Q. Give some handy tips regarding interview that would be of great help to MBA aspirants.
A. Prepare answers to FAQs.
Know your subject matter (especially if you are from Arts or Commerce background).
Have an understanding about the economic scenario and major social issues.
Be confident.

After Joining MBA

Q. Were you able to get the school of your choice or did you compromise and opted for the best option that was open/available for you?
A. I was able to get the school of my choice.


Q. Did work experience help in getting the choice of your school and also in dealing with the curriculum?
A. Not applicable to me.

Q. After joining the school, did you ever wish that you should have known certain more things about the school before you became part of it? What are these?
A. No. Infact I felt that a lot of good things about TISS are not very well known.

Q. What is the toughest area to handle in your studies?
A. Field Work, which can be a great challenge.


Q. Which one is your best subject?
A. Organizational Behaviour.


Q. Is there stress level during studies?
A. Moderate levels of stress during presentations, and back-breaking stress towards the end of semester are there.


Q. Who is the best faculty at your B-school?
A. Very good visiting faculty for Law, Organizational Behaviour, Training, Compensation & Conflict Management.

Q. What's the best and most admirable feature of your institute?
A. Field Work - which gives students an opportunity to work in an organization twice a week. This gives us a chance to observe first-hand practices in the industry. Also we get an exposure to five companies (including one summer internship) and one NGO during the 2 years of study at TISS.


Q. Scope of development in your existing curriculum.
A. Some more general management inputs are needed.



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divya09 on 06/26/10 at 04:23 pm

i want to know what are the books for TISS so that i can prepare on my own?kindly suggest me some names of the books

Subhasmita on 10/29/10 at 12:47 am

I am pretty interested in hospital management from TISS. kindly suggest me how to prepare for it.