Written Assessment Test guidelines by IIM Ranchi students

 | January 09,2012 11:04 am IST

Tension and eagerness is palpable as the judgement day approaches with every passing moment. The CAT results are due on 11th January and all eyes would be set on the next hurdle.

The introduction of Written Assessment Test in almost all the IIMs this year has filled the air with uncertainty. The WAT may include case analysis, essay writing or summarizing an article.


Here are a few checkpoints to tackle WAT:-

  • Read, read and read extensively: The essay topics are generally given from contemporary happenings. The candidate must be thorough with the current political and economic issues, for example, the Jan Lokpal bill, the European debt crisis, the food security bill and FDI in retail. The editorial section of any national newspaper would provide comprehensive insights on the current issues.
  • Practice writing: It would be a good idea to write on some abstract topic regularly such as “Not having any opinions at all is most conducive to peace of mind” or “Peace and Harmony cannot exist without the threat of violence”. Since the majority of candidate are engineers who have been deriving mathematical formulas and proving theorems for the last four years, consistent writing would help them a great deal to hone their writing skills.
  • Be precise and candid: Use a simple language to convey your thoughts. Digressing from the topic and not adhering to the word limit leaves a bad impression. Grammatical errors may annoy the examiner irrespective of the content. It is advisable to review the content once, before submitting, if the time permits.
  • Structure the flow coherently: The flow of ideas and thoughts must follow a sequential order to leave an impact on the examiner. Also, it is advisable to write in bullet points rather than paragraphs as the examiner may not read the entire paragraph and skip some of the viewpoints.
  • Give balanced views: Generic and neutral views encompassing all aspects of the topic is recommended as opposed to taking a stand unless specifically asked in the question. Including diverse opinions in case analysis would fetch more points compared to a single line of thought.

  • Best Of Luck!!!


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vishaliimranchi on 01/10/12 at 07:41 pm

As Paraag said, start writing essays on a wide range of topics.. Write Essays in 10 min time(IIM-A), 30 min time(IIM-B) and in 20 min time (IIM-L).. Other IIMs will be in one of these ranges.. Essay talks a lot about the depth of your knowledge in various issues..So, try to read from as many sources as possible and write essays daily.. More importantly get it evaluated by some IIM Passout or faculty at coaching instituts or someone who is good in this.. The idea conveyed is more important than the language used, but ensure you dont make grammatical errors..

Start writing.. All the best..