XAT 2011: Expected number of questions, test pattern, sample test papers

 | November 22,2010 01:56 pm IST

XAT 2011 is scheduled on January 2, 2011, Sunday. It is a paper- pencil test which has three major sections—English Usage and Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making ability.



Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2010 was a 140 (120+20) minute test which generally consists of 100 to 200 objective type questions and a page-long essay. In 2010 XAT had 101 questions in total, in 2009 there were 104 questions, in 2008 XAT had 120 questions, however, XAT 2007 had 130 questions. XAT is considered to be way difficult than other management entrance tests conducted in India.


Unlike CAT, XAT do not have equal number of questions per section. The number of questions in the English Usage and Reading Comprehension (RC) section had ranged from 31- 80 questions over the years. XAT 2010 had 31 questions in this section with 11 questions on RC and 20 on English usage. This section includes reading comprehension passage along with other questions on vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and jumbled sentences and tests student’s command over English. 


The Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section typically has 40-60 questions on two dimensional data, single dimensional, tables, line graph and Pie chart. The Quantitative Ability section is aimed at judging a student’s mathematical abilities. The QA section consists of questions on permutation and combination, probability, Equations, Number system, Maxima and Minima, Functions, Trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, and, Series, Logs, data sufficiency, Compound interest, Integration and differentiation etc. 


The third section in XAT 2010 was Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making ability which had 30 questions - one RC set. Out of 30 questions, 13 were on Analytical Reasoning and 12 on Decision Making Ability. The decision making questions are more often time consuming and thus is advisable to be attempted first.


The time allotted for each section is 40 minutes. Alike CAT, XAT also has negative marking. Every incorrect answer accounts for 1/3 marks deducted while 1 mark is awarded for every correct response.

XAT is reportedly the only MBA entrance exam which has essay writing a part of initial short listing. Candidates were allotted 20 minutes to write a page long essay on a given topic.

It has been noticed that XAT have been decreasing the number of questions over the years. So, should we expect a lesser number of questions this year too? It would be too early to predict!!!


The baby is still in the womb… 


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