Xaviers Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur - Interview with XLRI Alumnus

 | April 03,2010 12:46 pm IST


Q. Can you tell something about yourself and your pre-MBA qualifications?

I did my schooling at Jhansi till Class 12th in 1999. Thereafter, I pursued Electrical Engineering at NIT Calicut and passed out in 2003. Since then, I have worked for Infosys Technologies Ltd. and Headstrong Consulting, for the past 3 years - as a Team Member and Team Lead respectively.


Q. So when did you decide to go for MBA?
A. I decided to pursue an MBA degree in the year 2004. It was then, when I realized, that I need an extra degree to -
1) Accelerate my growth rate in corporate career.
2) Move to a profile of my choice.
3) Gain more knowledge to achieve the above two goals mentioned above.
Hence, MBA was a natural choice for me.


Q. What was your first step to start preparation for getting into the school of your choice?
A. The first step to start my preparation was enrolling into TIME for my MBA preparation. I opted for the classroom course, as I felt that it would give me that extra edge and motivation to pursue MBA. Also, with me juggling twin roles of working and preparing for an MBA, I felt that a classroom interaction would not only help me in clearing my doubts in a better manner, it would also foster the competitive zeal to clear the MBA entrance examinations.


Q. Which MBA institutes and programs you identified for your MBA?
A. I had targeted these 9 B-schools in India for my MBA - IIMs, XLRI-Jamshedpur, ISB-Hyderabad and FMS-Delhi. Had I not got through them, I had plans to take GMAT as my back-up and would have pursued my MBA from abroad. 


Questions related to Pre-MBA Preparation 

Q. How many months and how many hours daily did you devote for preparation to entrance procedures?
A. I used to devote 2 hours daily for my MBA prepation. Apart from that, I used to devote 4 hours each day on weekends (i.e., on Saturdays and Sundays) for my pre-MBA exam preparation.


Q. Did you take up some coaching institute or you believed in self-study?
A. I took up TIME coaching for my MBA preparation.


Q. Can you tell us which are your favorite books, books that you used for preparing for entrance, books for self-development and books for pure relaxation?
A. One book that I referred was, "Think Without Ink" - by K. Venkat.


Q. When did you start for preparation?
A. I had started my preparation during April 2004.


Q. Did you go for any coaching?
A. I attended TIME during my first year of MBA preparation and Career Launcher during my second year.


Q. What was your experience with coaching? Some feedback about faculty, coaching material and your overall experience with particular center?
A. My experience at TIME, Mysore Centre was pretty decent. The faculty there were pretty good and they helped me a lot in improving my basic concepts (specially English).


Q. What are the others books and tests which you used for your MBA preparation?
A. I referred the following books for my MBA preparation: -
Think Without Ink - for Quant;
English Grammar & Comprehension - by Wren & Martin.


Q. What was your strongest and weakest area while preparing for MBA coaching?
A. My strongest area while preparing for MBA was VA/RC and my weakest area was DI.


Q. Some tips which you used for mastering Quant, RC, etc.
A. I simply followed one rule for QA - do all the questions in the mind, rather than solving them on paper. This helped me a lot in increasing my speed.


Q. How much time did you put for MBA preparation everyday ? How did you manage this while working full time?
A. I spent around 2 hours everyday for my MBA preparation during weekdays and 4 hours each day on weekends (i.e., on Saturdays and Sundays). I usually woke up at 5:30 in the morning, studied from 6:00-8:00 am. Then, got up, took bath, breakfast, etc. Reached office by 9:30-10:00 am. Thereafter, I would work till 12:30 pm and read newspapers for 1 hour during my lunch time. Then, I would reach at my work place by 2 pm and work till around 9:00-10:00 pm. Used to reach home, take my dinner by 10:30 pm and then go back to sleep by 11:30 pm. This was my style of managing time for my study.


Q. Which all Exams and B-schools you applied to?
A. I appeared for the following exams - CAT, XAT and FMS.


Q. Your present B-school and course.
A. XLRI Jamshedpur.


Q. What procedures your school has for admission to its MBA program?
A. Elimination after the written test, essay immediately after the written test and a second round of interview.


Q. What is the range of score for students who are admitted?
A. Range of score for XAT - usually between 97.5-99.99 percentile. There are two people in my batch with exceptional profile, who got in at 95.xx percentile also.


Q. What was your score ?
A. My percentile was 99.53 in XAT and 98.52 in CAT.


After Joining MBA 

Q. After joining the school, did you ever wish that you should have known certain more things about the school before you became part of it? What are those ?
A. Probably, I could have studied a bit more of Accounting and Economics.


Q. What are the toughest areas to handle in your studies ?
A. Finance and Accounting.


Q. Which one is your best subject?
A. My best subject is Marketing and Systems.


Q. Is there stress level during studies?
A. Stress is a part and parcel of MBA life.


Q. Who is the best faculty?
A. Professor Tamona S. Gangopadhyay, Quantitative Techniques.


Q. Scope of development in your existing curriculum.
A. None, that I can foresee as of now.


Q. Tips for those who wish to do MBA from your school.
A. XLRI is a great place for those people, who wish to specialize in Marketing and Finance.