IMI Delhi introduces psychometric, simulation tests for admission process 2012-14

 | January 19,2012 05:56 pm IST

IMI Delhi is starting a new revolution by using psychometric tests and simulations for the admission process of batch of 2012-2014.


The basic idea behind this innovative method is to check all round capabilities of the students being admitted to the institute.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) focuses more on cognitive abilities of the aspirants where the background of students play a huge role, say engineers scoring highly in Quant and DI section whereas Arts students faring better in the Verbal part of the test. To judge a student more holistically Emotional Quotient is as important as Intelligence Quotient.


To judge whether the aspirant is a future manager, or whether he/she has the competences to become a successful manager tools like psychometric tests and simulations are very useful. The new process is the vision of IMI's Director General Padma Shri Pritam Singh; he has a lot of experience in the field of management and what he feels is that “a good manager is one who manages people well, who communicates well and can stand up and take responsibility during tough situations.”


Process of Admission
The admission process will start in the 2nd week of February. Each applicant will fill up two questionnaires namely Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Caliper and California Critical Thinking Tests. After which they will go through a series of simulation tests which will be followed by a GD-PI session.


A time of 20-25 minutes will be given to each applicant for filling up the questionnaire. The simulation test will include group activities such as passing on the Olympic torch or passing a ball in a circle of people.


The tests will carry 30-35% weightage in the total admission procedure. The judges will consist of an eminent panel of 8-9 people having academic and corporate experience.

The process looks innovative and interesting; IMI has been trying to bring new methods to produce better future leaders and not just managers. I-Score a unique scoring model was the beginning of the journey towards this vision and is now being continued by the new admission Process.


IMI Delhi has also reopened its application window till 29th feb 2012 but only for 90+ %tile students in CAT 2011.





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Aman on 01/22/12 at 11:51 am

It's nothing new, SP Jain has been using this for years..... and ya these tests can be very well be manipulated. They are good enough only if someone gives ans genuinely, however under guidance from coaching classes, it's not difficult to get the desired results