Corporate Communications Intern

Date of Posting:13-May-2013
Company Profile:

Solaron Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Emerging Market Sustainability Research provider based in Bangalore. We have been in operation since September 2007 and have a team of 70 analysts, located ‘on the ground’ across 15 emerging markets.

Solaron has several industry leading research products that provide our Investment clients with information on future risk / return profiles of companies in their portfolio. Solaron leverages leading indicators of actual ESG performance of a company to predict a stock’s future returns. Solaron’s unique stakeholder oriented research methodology is industry’s first and only rigorous framework that has successfully predicted future risks at a stock, market, country and regional level before these risks materialized at a later date.

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Recruitment open at :Solaron Sustainability Services
Industry: Research
Job Description:

Job Profile:
• Manage all communication going out on behalf of Solaron, in the form of research reports, marketing material and corporate website, to ensure it is all of the highest quality and always at par with industry level communication.

Candidate Profile:

Ideal Candidate Profile:
• Post graduate from a premier institute, with 1st class academics throughout
• Excellent communication skills
• Interest to work at a start-up and contribute to its growth
• Based at Bangalore and ready to begin immediately

Desirable Skills:
• Maturity, loyalty and ability to put organization goals above personal ones
• Keen eye for detail and a focused, methodical approach to work

Work Experience:Summer Internship
Function:Corporate Communications
Location: Bangalore,
Level:Entry Level
Reference:CoolAvenues/130313-Intern Solaron
Company Name / Recruiter Name:Solaron Sustainability Services
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