HR Executive-Recruiter

Date of Posting:29-Jun-2015
Company Profile:

A Startup Incubator in NOIDA

Recruitment open at :A Startup Incubator in NOIDA
Job Description:

Your role will be to support high growth startups by hiring critical resources for them. So you should be familiar with the challenges of working in high-energy environs of startup ecosystem.

The hiring would be for diverse roles and in diverse startups, so you need to be open-minded. You might be required to hire creative content writer for one travel company, or a hardcore coder for another tech startup, or a data-driven marketing candidate for a mobile app startup. So if your recruitment experience is industry-specific, it would not work here.

Startups like to engage with growth hackers, hustlers, hipsters and past entrepreneurs, those capable of dealing with known as well as unknown factors, and chart new possibilities. You should be comfortable in dealing with top talent from institutions like IITs, NITs, NIDs, etc. You should also be capable of penetrating top companies to find the candidates with right insights. This means you need to have an uncanny knack of knowing how to pitch startups to candidates.

Candidate Profile:

You should be a HR professional with about 2+ years of recruiting experience under your belt. Excellent interpersonal and networking skills would come in handy.

Work Experience:2+ Years
Location: Noida,
Level:Junior Management
Company Name / Recruiter Name:A Startup Incubator in NOIDA
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