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Date of Posting:06-Feb-2013
Company Profile:

Solaron Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Emerging Market Sustainability Research provider based in Bangalore. We have been in operation since September 2007 and have a team of 80 analysts, located ‘on the ground’ across 15 emerging markets.

Solaron has several industry leading research products that provide our Investment clients with information on future risk / return profiles of companies in their portfolio. Solaron leverages leading indicators of actual ESG performance of a company to predict a stock’s future returns. Solaron’s unique stakeholder oriented research methodology is industry’s first and only rigorous framework that has successfully predicted future risks at a stock, market, country and regional level before these risks materialized at a later date.

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Industry: Research
Job Description:

SEO for Solaron and building and maintaining a powerful online presence across prominent sites

Candidate Profile:

Ideal Candidate Profile:
• Post graduate from a premier institute, with 1st class academics throughout.
• Minimum of 1 year SEO experience
• Enthusiastic about working in a start-up and contributing to its growth
• Based in Bangalore and ready to begin immediately

Desirable Skills:
• Excellent Communication and Team working skills
• High integrity, maturity and loyalty towards Solaron
• Ability to put Solaron goals ahead of individual ones
• Keen eye for detail and a focused, methodical approach to work

Work Experience:0-1 years
Location: Bangalore,
Level:Entry Level
Reference:CoolAvenues/130206-SEO Analyst
Company Name / Recruiter Name:Solaron Sustainability Services
Contact Information:

080 41203449