Looking Back...

  &   | August 19,2013 04:16 pm IST


Looking back, over my shoulders
I see pages flipping with the breeze
I see pictures smiling and peeping through those pages
As I sit to contemplate my learnings over the ages


Sweeping breeze.. sweeping me in its embrace
Embracing the scrawls of my life
Those scribbled mornings, noons and nights
And as I flip through my chaptered days
I chance upon my MBE phase


Those lecture rooms and endless hours
Hushed whispers synchronized with frequency bars
That pleasured talking as professor teaches
Lost pleasure, when the lecture finishes
Are woven deep into my learning curve
Forever framed, forever preserved


That coffee smell... still lingers on, refusing to be contained in its cup
Brewing pure longing in my nostalgic pub
That ten bucks which I still owe to my mate
Is safely secured in my pocket, till date
Reminding me of those good old days
Those reckless spendings and our careless ways


That early morning rush for the lecture at nine
And being shown the doors for not making on time
That comforting hug, that laugh, occasional sniffs and the gossips too
All form a part of the package, without which I could never do


Those essential lessons of loss and win, since I bid adieu
Are etched safe in my skin aiding me scale heights anew
My failings and feats, highs and lows
Are well-chronicled in those long travelled roads


And I know, that the blue gates which welcomed me every morning
Still wait to creek a welcome
That familiar lane of Benito Juarez, still calls me for a ride
Pulling me towards itself to the comfort zone of my campus life.