My Perfect White World

  &   | January 28,2013 12:48 pm IST


The white curtain on the white window parted,
to give a view of the white clouds on the clear sky.
A white cat was perched on the white window sill,
eyeing hungrily the white whipped cream on the apple pie.


The white couch was covered with white knitted mats,
and the white table had white macaroons on a white chinaware,
and hanging from the window was a white cage
with two white love birds making a cute pair.


I was wearing a white dress and knitting a white scarf,
and the white stilettos made up the attire.
Resting my feet on the white cushion on the stool,
I looked longingly at the white tiles of my big pool.


The bell rang on the white door (the ring seemed white!!!),
and I opened the door to find a valet in white,
holding out white carnations onto my white gloved hands.
I thanked him and saw him whisk away in a car that was white.


I tried to guess the sender of the white flowers,
and found a piece of white paper in the bouquet.
I dreaded the thought of it but still opened the white envelope
to find the three magical words written in red -


and that finally shattered my perfectly white world !!!