CONQUEST 2013 - BITS Pilani

Start Date:2013-02-07
End Date:2013-08-19
Event Type:International Startup Conclave
Location:BITS Pilani
  • The competition is open to all individuals aged above 18 years of age.
  • Team Size: The team should comprise of at least one individual who has enrolled in an accredited college or University before 15th March 2012. The presenting team should include at least two people. At least two team-members must travel to New Delhi to compete and both must participate in the oral presentation of the business plan). Faculty advisors or other team mentors are welcome to travel to Conquest with the team, but are prohibited from participating in the presentations or Q&A sessions. More than five members can travel to Conquest with the team, but only five students can serve as presenters. Faculty advisors or other team mentors are encouraged to attend.
  • Nature of Ventures: The competition is for new, independent ventures in the seed, start-up, or early growth stages. Excluded are the following: buy-outs, expansions of existing companies, real estate syndications, tax shelters, franchises, licensing agreements for distribution in a different geographical area, and spin-outs from existing corporations. Licensing technologies from universities or research labs is encouraged, assuming they have not been commercialised previously.
  • Prior Activity: Ventures are allowed to compete in Conquest only once.
  • Ventures with revenues in prior Fiscal years, i.e., before April, 2012, are excluded. Ventures that have raised equity capital from sources other than the members of the team or their friends and families before the current Fiscal year, i.e., before April, 2012, are excluded. However, both student and other team members may have worked on an idea or new technology in previous Fiscal years, provided that their venture had no revenues and raised no outside equity capital prior to the current Fiscal year.
  • A team participating in the Business Competition part of Conquest 2013 may also compete or exhibit their business(es) in any other event of the entrepreneurship conclave.
Event Details:

Stage 1

Apply for the Startup Challenge by creating an account on our website and filling in all the details about your startup.
Stage 2

Face to face Mentoring sessions for the top shortlisted teams will be conducted in major cities in India, wherein the teams will have the liberty to choose their own mentors.
Stage 3

The semi-finalists will be asked to update their profiles inclusive of the progress since the initial registration for Conquest. Every team is also required to submit a Video Pitch which will be used as part of the evaluation to select teams for the Grand Finale. All teams irrespective of their selection to the next round will receive detailed feedback from our judges.
Stage 4

The final round of Conquest will be held in New Delhi on 18th August 2013. The teams will go through a number of simulation rounds where they would be scrutinized by the Judges and their plans discussed in detail before the Winner is decided. Teams will compete for an expected INR 1 million + in prizes, including INR 10 million in investment offers, and over INR 2 Lacs in other cash prizes. Teams will have the opportunity to meet and network with over 250 venture capital principals, early stage investors, and successful entrepreneurs who will serve as judges for the competition.

Conquest is BITS Pilani’s International Startup Challenge completely organized by a team of intrepid students. Conquest does not cater to the veterans! We seek garden-fresh ideas and spirited people to fuel the future, ideas that not only change the way we live but also the way we think!

We strongly believe in the power of youth and aim to bring about a startup revolution in India, commencing with the flagship engineering college in India – BITS Pilani.

We are of the firm belief that that the worth of a Startup is dignified not by the words and figures it produces on a piece of paper but on the diligence and grit of team. With over 2 months of mentoring given to all the semi-finalists of Conquests, we ensure that the participants and their mentors are on first name basis by the end of the Competition. Whether you go on to win the coveted title of "Winners -Conquest 2013" or not, everyone’s a winner in Conquest, what with ample networking opportunities, numerous mentoring sessions and a plethora of mentors just a phone call away.