Seminar on HR Business Partnering at XLRI Jamshedpur

Start Date:2012-07-23
End Date:2012-07-26
Event Type:Human Resources Seminar

1.Managers empowered to allocate resources for HR initiatives

2.HR professionals involved in HR Policy decisions

3.Line managers interested to compete through talent differentiation HR generalists expected to customize organization polices for respective business units

4. Managers (both Line and HR) expected to link engagement initiatives to tangible business results

5. Managers (both Line and HR) expected to develop initiatives to address attrition levels of an organization.


This program is meant for Line and HR managers who are familiar with the challenges and opportunities of organization they are currently working on; not for HR consultants or HR trainers. Even though the target audience is expected to be from Senior/Middle level of managerial cadre, empowered young managers operating in entrepreneurial / professional firms are also encouraged to participate in this management development program.

Event Details:

In today's competitive world, human element is considered as the most critical element determining the success of every organization. Realizing the limited ability of other assets to differentiate the organization from its competitors, effective managers are shifting their focus towards human assets. Still organizations report huge variations in taking advantage of this critical asset due to the inability of its HR and line managers to design solutions relevant for respective organization. Many of the existing initiatives vary from attempts to copy the practices of market leaders to implementation of the latest fad within HR domain, and naturally fail to report results relevant to the business. This program is designed to help dedicated participants to realize the potential of HR business partnership and equip them to design and implement customized HR initiatives relevant to the organizations they are accountable for.

Programme Contents
1. HR Business Partnering: A Necessity and an Opportunity
2. Investments in HR: A Partnership Approach
3. Talent Segmentation: A Business Perspective
4. Designing HR Initiatives for Business Solutions
5. Customizing HR Policies for a Dynamic Business World
6. Linking Engagement Initiatives to Critical Success Factors of Business
7. Attrition Management: New Insights for Business Success
8. HR Analytics: From HR Measurement to Prediction of Business Results


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