Bankerbay, a deal origination company raises Angel Funding

CoolAvenues Newswire | May 05,2014 05:35 pm IST

BankerBay a start-up which helps Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds to locate deal flow has raised angel funding of just under $ 1 Million from a group of investors including senior executives of Nomura holdings, Ernst and Young and others. The company will use the funds to ramp up its engineering team and bring in more investment bankers.

BankerBay with offices in Bangalore and Singapore was started by Ash Narain and Romesh Jayawickrama in 2012. It brings together companies looking for funding and the investors and finance intermediaries on one page. It matches the parameters and investment criteria of investors with that of companies looking for funding through technology and analysts and allow them to communicate over BankerBay platform.

BankerBay is targeting financial markets in North America, Western Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Banks like Axis bank, ICICI, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, investment banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Summit Partners, Emirates Investment Authority etc have signed up with BankerBay.

The company is building tools that will help companies in valuations, due diligence and analytics support. The company provides the banks and intermediaries a SaaS revenue model and claims to be handling over 500 lives transactions currently.



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