Teabox, tea e-tailer raises $ 1 Million Series A funding

CoolAvenues Newswire | March 20,2014 05:31 pm IST

Accel Partners and Horizon Ventures have invested $ 1 million in Teabox, a online speciality tea store.

Teabox started by Kaushal Dugar in 2012 promises to deliver fresh tea in a week’s time.

Mr. Dugar comes from a family of tea plantations. The capital will be used to add new features such as subscription services to its portal, and expand the business to other countries.

Tea production and marketing have traditionally dealt by two very different set of people. The tea is produced by planters who are involved with the vagaries of climatic condition, yield, labour etc while the marketing of tea is done by distributors who do not understand the essence and aura of tea. Typically the time gap between production and delivery is anywhere between 3-6 months, by which the tea would lose its aroma and freshness. Teabox, with its unique backend delivery system, promises the connoisseur of tea to deliver the tea within one week of its production, thereby retaining its freshness.

“Although tea exports have been steadily increasing in the recent years, the time to market continues to be inordinately high. And since freshness and quality of tea deteriorates significantly with time, we believe that our technology back-end supported by supply chain infrastructure and innovations will help us reach the end customers in a much shorter period of time,” Teabox CEO Kaushal Dugar said.

The company sources premium Indian tea from over 75 plantations in Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri and has over 100 blends and varieties of tea which is vacuum packed within 24-48 hours of production and ships it out the next day. The customers will receive the tea with a week of its production, ensuring freshness. The company claims to have shipped over 5 Million cups of tea to customers across 65 countries. 



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