Book Review "One-Minute Manager" by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

 | June 02,2010 11:38 am IST

To believe that 'Dynamite comes in small packages', you have to read the book "The One Minute Manager" and you'll believe in this more than ever. A book comprising only a hundred odd pages, which looks like one of those childhood fairy tales, amazingly packs in three most valuable and effective lessons in management.


"The One Minute Manager" is a book for finding a balance between being an autocratic manager, who cares only about the results, and a democratic manager, who cares only about the people. The lessons are imparted in the form of an interesting parable about a young man who has set out looking for world-class management skills. In his search, he meets the One Minute Manager, a willing mentor who seems to have things well in control and plenty of time on his hands.


During the course of the story, the young man finds that a good manager is an honest man, who leads by example and who genuinely cares for his people. He learns that the original One-Minute Manager has established certain precepts to ensure that a work group is individually more responsible.


These are:

  • Set One-Minute Goals to ensure that your people understand perfectly what their duties are, what is expected of them and that there are no surprises.
  • Give One-Minute Praise. Let the people know when they are doing the right thing or when they are doing something right.
  • Give One-Minute Reprimands. Do it immediately and talk only about the incorrect behavior only, not the people personally.


These concepts have been further propounded in the book. The parable finally ends in the young man adopting and exploiting the one-minute policies and gradually attaining great success and fame, like his tutor.

The book is deceptively simple. It is an inspiration to thousands of leaders and is a business book that should be read and reread as often as possible. Ever since the first edition came out in 1992, the book has been acting as a practical business guide for managers who want to get the most from their employees.

The secrets of one-minute management will help a manager boost profits and productivity immediately through increases employee morale and job satisfaction.

For any person who is currently manager striving to get the most from people, or who is planning to become one in the near future, "The One Minute Manager" is an indispensable success tool.



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