Making living out of something I have always loved-Sports for all, all for sports

Naman Kanotra | December 18,2013 02:56 pm IST

One special day that no decathlon employee ever forgets is the fitness test known as the sports recruitment day (SRD). Every applicant has to go through this tough fitness round to prove his endurance and team bonding skills.

The activity includes creating a unique game (team work), going through a rigorous beep test (to check endurance) and finally a sports round (badminton, football, basketball or cricket).

My mentors were highly experienced sales person from retail background who made sure that I learn and become comfortable with sales within the first week of my internship and move out confidently for my research work in the later part of my stay. In addition they transferred operational knowledge pertaining to order placing, inventory counting, taught usefulness of methods like JIT and taught me how to use ERP tools generally used in retail organization etc, thereby helping me to understand the in-depth functioning of a retail store.

With such knowledge, which is both a mile in width and depth, I believe I have acquired high quality ammunitions which will help me cross over any managerial hurdle in the future. 



Naman Kanotra is a Management Student at TAPMI Manipal. ...