SEO and variables that impact it

Subhashini Tripathi | April 23,2013 09:08 am IST

A user will most likely type in the name of a website / feature/ product he is looking for in a Search Engine (Google, Bing, Ask, Duckyduckgo etc.) and then follow the link to the website.

This means that the search engine should be able to get you the most relevant links on top of the page and preferably it will be the first link on the page. To achieve this level of precision, the search engine uses logic to evaluate websites and come up with a match. It then displays the most likely match on the top of the page.

SEO often refers to creating / modifying websites such as to ensure that they land up in the top ranks and therefore, in a position that prompts maximum clicks , thereby generating traffic to the website. However, as is apparent, the content is what will ensure that the person stays on the website. Also, if the search is for information, it is also true that constant updation in content will ensure repeat fruitful visits. This brings us to the headlines, key words and tags. A websites content has to be best tuned in to the language that its target audience uses . And these are picked up by the SE by a scan of the above mentioned parts of the content. Keyword variation is a good strategy to adopt.

Linkages with Social Media sites and other off-site content like guest blogging etc. are important, with search engines wanting to establish the extent of credibility and refusing to be constraint by just the content on the website. This also cuts out the impact that fake likes and testimonials can create. With the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc., Google + is getting increasingly important. Reciprocal linking (you scratch my back , I scratch yours arrangements) are also increasingly losing their importance as SEs become smarter.

TO understand and make changes in the website, a certain level of analytics is essential
to know the segment of web-users that the website is attracting
to understand the blips in traffic
to see the sub-segment that actually transacts on the site
to see the segment of repeat viewers
to see the competing sites etc.

There are websites which help do the needful, free
1. :- A very easy to use website, it has inbuilt sections for Social Analytics, Mobile Analytics etc.
2. AWStats is a free powerful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically.
3. :- With dashboards which give instantaneous information , this is a highly interactive website

The above mentioned are just a few. And there are many other paid tools that are available.

In this fast paced and ever changing world of SEO and Web Analytics, the analyst is always on a learning over-drive. Self- learning and motivation are the greatest traits that he can have. The excitement just goes on !

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