Are You a Yo Yo?

Rabia Dhody | October 06,2010 02:01 pm IST

It was a usual weekday, and I stepped inside the office at 9:00 am. I could not see anyone else around l4 colleagues, and as I am I greeted all of them with a Hello Folks, and when I didn't get a response from one, I went closer and Said Hey! How r u doing today? The response - Please I am a little caught up!!!!!! 

And I went to my seat to connect my system, I got to know that there is some personal affair which is bothering my co-worker and I offered if I Could be of any help and yeah a suggestion.

The Response - Please don't give any suggestion if you do not know the background?


This was an unusual behavior to be witnessed, and this forced me to think on how this can affect our relationship if we aren't too well known to each other? Does it affect my mood too? There were days when work was wholesome for body and soul, and the workplace the centre of one's social empowerment. It is now a days a survival ground. A Bedlam.


Severe mood swings can affect us all. The effects are harsh and disruptive to one's life pattern. Different names are given - people dto something like this - People do not always like the reference to "bullying/ mood swings", but consider that the International Labour Organization (ILO) calls it "violence" - there are no scars, but in essence this behaviour leaves the victim with invisible scars and is nothing less than violence.15 mins of our mood swing may spoil the other person's whole day!!!! This silent epidemic is eating away profits, careers and human potential, and yet we find it not - so important and overlook it! or probably do away with - sorry yaar I was upset---True agreed - how many times? You're up and down like a Yo-Yo but you don't really know why!!


It's normal to have fluctuations in mood from time to time; whether it's juggling work and home life, feeling unmotivated, dealing with hormones, or stressful and upsetting situations. Sometimes, when we're feeling awful, we need to be able to shift our mood. This is something we can all do, with practice. It's not something most of us are ever taught-but working with our emotions is just as important as working with our mind.


So? What does one do to ensure he/she doesn't land up hurting self or others?


Smile - you use more muscles this way than if you frown. This means that you'll be using more energy and therefore more oxygen; 

Speak clearly - try to avoid mumbling. How you communicate with people is very important in how you come across, and subsequently, how you feel about yourself; 

Stand proud - if you walk down the street looking on the floor with hunchback shoulders you're going to give off a negative vibe and that won't make you feel good. If you stand upright and take bold strides forward you're going to feel better in yourself and give off a positive vibe to other people; 

Visualize happiness - wake up in the morning and jolt your system. Force yourself to smile and visualize yourself being happy. Say things like: "I'm the greatest and I'm making the world a better place." 

Please your sense of smell. Your sense of smell is a quick and easy route into your emotions, and is one of the most powerful ways to evoke memory. Smell something from a time when you felt happy or joyful or loved, that reminds you of someone you love, or that just makes you feel good.


Bottom Line

Our emotions can be a bouncing ball, ricocheting throughout the day. We may feel anxiety when that alarm clock first goes off, only to surprisingly find ourselves relaxed and contented when we get to work. A harmless comment by a co-worker may be just the thing that sets us off, sending us down to the dumps, or irritated or even furious for reasons that are beyond our explanation. Respect others and if you Experience Mood swings-Correct it and do not let it out on others. Human dignity is to be maintained even as your experience mood swings - a polite am a little caught up with my own self - and excuse yourself. Else Shut Up and be ready of others not being normal with you post your behavior - you may be a switch on switch off case, others may not be!



Rabia Dhody is an MBA from University of Pune, and is currently working as Vice President in for the last 2 years. Prior to Jabong she has worked as Motricity- HR Head South Asia, HR Business Partner with Dell India and as manager with Reliance Capital - Life Insurance Division....