Book Review: "Celebrity Branding & Brand Endorsements - An Insight"

 | October 18,2013 12:46 pm IST

In the last twenty years of my life, I have been introduced to the concept of branding and brand management - first as a student, then as a full-time brand executive with one of the country's leading FMCG majors, followed by my stint as a Faculty in Marketing & Brand Management, and finally, as a Chief Architect of a creative boutique handling some of the most-revered clients from different industries.


In all these years, I have come across several books on brand management; some classic ones like the book by Jean-Noel Kapferer, 'Strategic Brand Management', 'The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding' by Al Ries, and our very own Subroto Sengupta's 'Brand Positioning', to some run-of-the-mill books that had ideas borrowed from here and there and had nothing much to offer in terms of innovation, perspectives or scope of learning.


Lately, as a frequent and meaningful browser of the net, I happened to find a book on brand management by a somewhat 'unknown' Indian named Kisholoy Roy. Actually, the gentleman is quite known to me, but not much to the masses, who do not have much deeper exposure to areas like brand management or retail, for I am someone who regularly and religiously read magazines like Advertising Express and Marketing Mastermind. I also do read his Coolavenues' articles featured in the Café Section. He has that gifted capacity to arrest a reader's thoughts and imagination through his works. He writes in an engaging and interesting manner that makes for an infotaining read.


After I ordered the book online through one of Roy's blogs - - and went through it, I found the book titled "Celebrity Branding & Brand Endorsements - An Insight" presented in an extremely innovative, engaging and entertaining manner. It's no text-book per se but then it's worth reading for anyone who considers himself an ardent student of brand management, wishing to learn more on the subject. You can be anyone - a student, a faculty, a researcher - just anyone exposed to and interested in the newer perspectives of celebrity branding and brand endorsements. I suppose, not much has been researched as far as these areas are concerned, and to have these areas presented meaningfully in the form of a book is definitely a gift for someone who gets to read it. Genuinely, I felt that I read something really meaningful about branding after a long long time through some book.


The book has some very interesting articles concerned with celebrity branding like the branding mantra behind Harry Potter, a fictional brand, or Munnabhai, one of the most happening characters on Indian celluloid in recent times. The book also features articles on our country's best celebrity brands like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan along with the 'Dada' of Indian cricket. The book is actually presented in two sections. The first dealing with Celebrity Branding and the second dealing with Brand Endorsements, and the article on Sourav Ganguly happens to be the connecting link between the two sections, and take my word - the connection seems brilliant.


To speak further about the book, the way the concept of brand identity prism has been applied to 'bikini' as a brand is superb. The article highlights how celebrity endorsements were responsible to shape tangible and clear identity facets of Brand 'bikini'. The book signs off with a fast emerging phenomenon in the branding domain and that is celebrity endorsement of personalities. The recent endorsement of the Presidential candidates in America by celebrities, or of the cricketers by Bollywood stars, are some examples to be cited in the said context.


In all, I, as a seasoned personality in the domain of brand management, will recommend each and everyone searching for a contemporary reference book on branding to go for this book. It's worth a read, as it is a book that portrays branding in action effortlessly in an infotaining manner.


Contributed by -
Vikram Mukherjee,
Research Head,
Brand Insights, Hyderabad.