Book Review "The Three Mistakes of My Life" by Chetan Bhagat

Kisholoy Roy | September 24,2010 04:16 pm IST

Chetan Bhagat’s latest offering, ‘The Three Mistakes of my Life’ is first of all a story well told. It combines three of the most potent influencers of the Indian society to present a compelling read viz.

politics, religion and cricket.
There are several aspects of this book that present a scenario similar to that Bhagat’s ‘Five Point Someone’. To start with, just like the former book, Bhagat’s latest offering is the story of three friends who are simply glued to each other through their lives’ ups and downs. They face opposition from each other, are at times on the verge of severing their friendship and then again something happens that makes them cling to each other. Just as Neha brought about that element of romance in ‘Five Point Someone’, in ‘The Three Mistakes…’, it is Vidya who plays a similar role.


Above all, it is that ‘All’s well that ends well’ theme of Bhagat that is one of the most striking element similar to both the books. Probably he is a firm believer of the thought that got reflected on the celluloid through SRK in his movie, ‘Om Shanti Om’ and that is no story can actually have an ending without a happy ending.


Bhagat’s ‘The Three Mistakes..’ is largely about the Indian youth brigade and their sentiments. Their thoughts, their actions and attitudes is what largely gets reflected through the book. The secular and broadmindedness of Indian youth gets reflected through Ish’s character. Similarly, the flavor of the entrepreneurial spirit among the Indian youth gets reflected through Govind’s character. Lastly, it is Omi’s character that paints the picture of those Indian youth who often get seduced by trivial temptations but then at the end of the day, they continue to possess a heart of gold and flings to action without worrying about their own lives, without remaining in the territory of
selfishness. Although Omi is found to endorse his Mama’s religious and political sentiments, when it came to the life of an innocent adolescent, he erased all trivial issues off his mind and went on to make the supreme sacrifice as a human being.

Chetan Bhagat’s ‘The Three Mistakes…’ has dollops of various elements that makes for a meaningful read. There is emotion, there is die-hard friendship, there is romance, there is humor, there is ecstasy and so is agony. The patriotic sentiments echoed in the book especially by the little Ali is something that deserves kudos especially now when the country is going through a bad phase.


One important aspect in ‘The Three Mistakes…’ is that the author himself plays an important role as himself. He plays Chetan Bhagat and his role is to trigger reconciliation, trigger the dormant friendship between Ish and Govind, rekindle the love between Govind and Vidya and above all make Govind love his own life once again and instill in him the desire to stay alive. 


The book in my opinion should largely be loved by India’s youth since it is about them and echoes their emotions and concerns. It projects their thoughts on politics, religion and cricket. Above all, it salutes the never-say-die spirit of mankind and that’s what should leave an indelible mark in the minds of readers.




He is working as Assistant Professor, Marketing at Globsyn Business School, Kolkata. He has years of work experience in the teaching profession. He also worked with Infoedge Management solutions as a Content editor....

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Guest on 09/24/10 at 10:03 pm

i bought this book just half n hour. i would like to read it and than i'll give my comment. i have read chetan two book- five point someone and Two states . both were amazing. i wants read his all four books.

Anindita Bhowmik on 09/27/10 at 09:08 am

It made me cry at last

Rohan Bhatt on 10/04/10 at 06:59 pm

Chetan bhagat's novels do not represent India by any means. It represents the CONFUSED and Western Culture Copy cats who do not have an aim or morality in their conduct. Chetan Bhagat's Novels (according to me) are sleazy content with glamour and masala to serve the sexomaniac youth of India who do not have any aim in life. His thoughts are also very selfish and outgoing inappropriate as the guy himself is a sleazy person.