Book Review: Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat

 | August 06,2012 09:49 am IST

Introduction: The author of Revolution 2020, Mr. Chetan Bhagat is a famous author whose preceding novels were bestsellers.

Most of his works inspire movie makers to cinematize the plot. His books strike a chord with the youth. Bhagat is a pass out of prestigious institutes of the nation-IIM and IIT, which is what, makes him even more appealing to the generation next.

The book revolves around struggles of a protagonist (actually antagonist) Gopal and how he gives in to the condemnable system. The landscape of Revolution 2020 also entwines the lives of Aarti & Raghav into Gopals life.

The plot, set against the backdrop of small town Varanasi, paints the aspirations and scrambles of Gopals life. Gopal is ambitious about earning money. He wishes to be rich but doesnt know right path. Gopal falls in love with Aarti and the only thing he dreams of is becoming her lover. His career goals go for a toss, if his friendship with her is not going well. She however is in love with Raghav. Raghav has a dream for his country and courage to chase his dream. He is passionate about the values that he upholds. Raghav aspires to be journalist who does meaningful journalism for his citys welfare.


Analysis & Evaluation
The central theme suggests that Indias education system is flawed. Year after year, engineers are being churned out of private institutes with meaningless degrees. Bhagat satirizes on the directionless youth and parents who try to squeeze their unattainable dream out of their children.
The book depicts todays Indian youth. It is yours and mine story involving all neighbourhood characters. Chetans writings are so figurative that one can mentally sketch out his description. The sheer grace, with which he defined Varanasi, almost made the book a tourism campaign. Also, Bhagat magnifies human thoughts beautifully.

However, there is rawness in the story. The book is full of unfounded aphorisms about girls. The end isnt impactful. There is predictability in the plot, stuffed with clichs. When you name a book Revolution 2020, it is supposed to be ultra-radical, especially in times of Anna Hazare. However, the book doesnt live up to its name. It delves deeper into the emotions of the protagonist forgetting the bigger picture. Revolution against corruption is only present in bits and pieces throughout the book. The major chunk is a sardonic sarcasm against the education system without any thoughtful solution.

However, we must pat Bhagats back for choosing to write on the most significant issue pertaining to education system. The effortless narration and flow of the plot is also commendable. He captures umpteen human shades suggesting that there is no black and white, it is all grey. All in all a light hearted novel which most youngsters would relate to.

Youth, today are chasing unwarranted goals without putting much thought. Few of them, who are oriented, are incapacitated owing to the systemic inadequacies. The system is eclipsed by corruption. The despondency lies in the indifference of youth towards the insurmountable task of eradicating corruption. Youth should garner enough courage and initiative to uproot corruption. Their unstinted support is a must have for a better India.