'Fashion': It's a Great Movie But...

Kisholoy Roy | September 24,2010 04:22 pm IST

Madhur Bhandarkar's latest offering to the lovers of realistic cinema is highly appreciable as has been his previous movies. 'Fashion', that released during this Diwali, has a realistic script, realistic plots, realistic acting, and even realistic music by Salim-Suleiman.


Of course, not to forget the realistic direction of Bhandarkar. The movie presents a true picture of the fashion industry and its inhabitants. It effectively and effortlessly portrays the pathos behind the glam-sham of the industry. Hats-off to Bhandarkar's in-depth research. In fact what put this director in a different league altogether is his penchant to understand and research an industry first-hand before getting down to weaving a story based on a particular industry. He has continuously been doing that since 'Chandni Bar'.


However, Fashion does have certain limitations. First and foremost, lets look at the film's central character, Meghna, played by Priyanka Chopra. Piggy Chops plays a girl who aspires to be a model despite being successful in her studies, much against her father's wishes. She plays the girl who decides to launch her professional career as a super-model in the fashion industry. However, the problem lies with Chopra for she seems much more mature than the character. She has acquired the looks of a 'been there seen that' persona and, hence, the trials and tribulations that the character goes through in the movie seems to be played to perfection, courtesy Chopra's superlative acting but her age and looks certainly do not support the character. In other words, Bhandarkar should have opted for a younger actress. The gelling of the actor with the character was missing in 'Fashion'; something that had not happened in case of 'Page 3', 'Chandni Bar' or 'Corporate'.


Secondly, 'Fashion' has many sub-plots that seem to be a photo-copy of Bhandarkar's previous movies. The treatment of gays, the dialogues between the movie's miniscule characters, are some to be cited in this context. The playing of the background music also seems a rerun of sorts in many places. Probably, Bhandarkar should have digressed a bit from his previous style of film-making. That could have imparted more 'zing' to the film. The feeling of sameness often makes things predictable and boring. It is due to this very reason that the movie seemed a bit too stretched in terms of total duration. The film could have been handled in a sleeker manner.


The third major problem with the movie was the character played by Kangna Ranaut. Either Kangna should not have played the character or she should have been portrayed in a different way. By now, we are fed up of Kangna's hyper acting. She is no doubt a prolific actor, but when it comes to casting her in a movie, directors tend to offer her the same type of roles. Post 'Gangster', Ranaut has played almost similar characters in terms of lifestyle and attitudes. Whether it is 'Woh Lamhe' or 'Life in a Metro', Kangna's moves are the same.


Criticisms apart, the one character that really stood out in the entire film was that of Mugda Godse's. She plays a character who is suave, practical, understanding, concerned, and above all, extremely friendly. The way she plays a major supporting role for Priyanka's character in the movie is quite commanding. Despite being abused in the worst possible way by Meghna (Priyanka's character in the movie), Mughda stays a loyal friend of her's and extends her friendship to Meghna even when her career is finished. She plays a pivotal role in resurrecting the career of Meghna whose rise and fall in the fashion industry as a model were both of meteoric proportions.


In conclusion, as an avid student of contemporary Indian cinema, I will say that 'Fashion' is definitely a brave attempt at presenting the true colors of the fashion industry on celluloid. It has some moments that are worth-watching and feeling for. It's not just about the fashion industry per se but it encompasses a range of human relationships and emotions. In a way, the movie does go on to salute one of the most enviable traits of mankind, and that is to fight back against all odds, to get up again and again after each failure, till one achieves the 'big dream'.



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