In the rose bud sleeps the rose

 | December 08,2011 06:06 pm IST

That line is from Hafiz.


.Not a nightingale but knows
In the rose-bud sleeps the rose.
(Hafiz, Translated by R.A. Nicholson)

Hafiz, of course was trying to showcase the Great Spirit in all living beings. But I am more bothered about the worms stirring in such rosebuds, early in the day.

An sms reached me early morning, disturbing in its pettiness. In effect it said that someone was glad that someone got fired from a job.
'Pesky guy..Good riddance!” it said with a smiley.
It bemused me to think that someone could start a glorious, beautiful day, being glad that someone has been crushed. There was a sound of macabre laughter behind those silently exulting lines.

What worm bestirs such minds as these?

I believe there is a skewed mental pattern in such people.
There is a sense of false grandeur (“I am God’s gift to mankind/womankind”), a sense of entitlement (“The world owes me”), a tremendous sense of superiority over the normal ones out there (“The fault is never mine..Why doesn’t the world recognize and appreciate my genius?”) an uncouth lack of gratitude to anyone or anything (“ What has he done for me?”) and a great ability to pick up on others’ faults (“ She is a loser.”)

Of all these myriad habitual patterns, often repeated in their lives, the most vexing to a normal acquaintance is that rampant sickness called lack of gratitude.


There are so many things to be thankful for, every single day; in my humble opinion. And it is probably a good lesson to teach our children, this habit of gratitude. Miraculously, it starts off positive behavior and just might save little Miss Goldilocks from embracing a personality creed currently in vogue in our society. A ‘diva behavior” that tells her that the Three Bears have no right for eating their porridge, sitting on their chairs or sleeping in their beds.

Why? Because they are bears, silly! They are ‘different’ from you and me! Pesky bears-Good riddance!

Sometimes it takes a catastrophe or two to actually know the meaning of gratitude and the life lesson it offers.

Ask any mother/father who has stood helplessly waiting for the doctor, when the child lay in her arms burning with fever, the eyes almost disappearing behind the lids. The only prayer that gets you to the next moment is, 'Oh, God, oh God, anything you ask for.. Just make this fever go off and let her become alright again."

So, to that mother/father- a day, without colds, snuffles, dripping noses, insect bites, fever, a cough is a day for celebration...what a gloriously normal day!

And please, they don't want to celebrate any one getting fired from his job.

Ask a parent, who has lost a child in an accident. Would you mind raising a toast sir, because you see, someone got fired from a job?

The tears of wrath will most probably burn you off the planet. What do you know of loss?

Ask a person betrayed in love, coming to terms with life's bitter potions...Madam, what do you say? Can we buy wine to celebrate this firing/dumping business?

Ask a pensioner, standing in a queue for the clerk to give him his pension..counting the coins and wishing that the sun was a little less fierce...Please sir, can you forward this sms, celebrating someone's fall from grace?

Or much better. Do not ask anyone.


Before one presses that send button or speak that atrocious piece of self importance, just check once again-that poison seeping in the veins, rearing to strike the reader/listener with bitter laughter, a malicious smirk, a cackling 'I am above it" superiority .That poison could be burning away one big, damn hole in one's life energy.

Of course, I could not pontificate thus to the sender of the sms - an erudite, learned, wonderfully successful person!

The next time I feel petty, I will remember the sms and check my pettiness coefficient. Like those 'Check your romantic potential" quiz in the Sunday supplements.

If Coefficient of Pettiness (cp) is assumed normal at 1, celebrating someone's firing;
and if my present cp < 1,
Then, "I am a crocodile, but a slightly alright one...the one who will ask before biting"
If my present cp>1
Then, 'Schmuck! And I mean it."

Awwww...I was horrible in programming from day one. If the printer conks off due to the assorted pettiness clouding around, then maybe there is another solution.
Get down on the knees and stay there. Amen.

Ministhy S. is an IAS officer working in the UP cadre. She did her Masters from XLRI Jamshedpur. Her sixth book “Through These Eyes’ is under publication. This article is an extract from the book.




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Althaf on 12/26/11 at 12:49 am

Best wishes for the new book!