Indite Indefatigably

 | February 21,2011 11:38 am IST

It is not enough just to write. Writing is a plain vanilla exercise.

Anyone with a decent grasp of the grammatical canons of a language and with an equally reasonable knowledge of the vocabulary of the language can do a lot of permutations and combinations of words in their minds and pour out some good readable stuff. But I consider that, to be not writing. That is playing with words for the amusement of the self and for others.


Writing in my opinion has to pour forth from the deepest reservoir of one's soul. It should reflect not the intellectual or the memory capacity of the writer but his persona. When you meet a person and interact with him for a while then you get to know the person. The person as a whole; not in parts and pieces, but as a whole. Here the perspective is different. Herein the difference lies between knowledge and wisdom. To know about a person is different from knowing a person. One is knowledge and the other wisdom. When a writer flushes out knowledge, it is tantamount to puking. It does not ooze his aura. It is a masquerade of a deeper 'you-know-not'.


A real writer does not write for anybody. He does not care about the implications of his writing. Real writing is thoughtless, but brims with feelings. It is when the soul meets the universal energy. It is when the writer is blind with passion so much so that he does not see his own writing. A real writer is an artist. He realizes the inseparable connection of all beings and the non-beings and gushes forth from his heart feelings and colors of universal joy that just assumes a form. A form of words. A real writer does not care for words. For what are words for, when one has grasped the meaning. It is this meaning that he tries to give back to the nature albeit with a malaise through words. A real writer is never satisfied for he knows that satisfaction is not a fixed destination. He always seeks that which he does not see or hear and tries to portray that with various colors of writing. Thinking, he knows defeats writing. He shuns thinking. He despises thinking.


Writing is a malapropic personification of a non-verbal state of mind that somehow has to be etched verbally.


The real writer understands this and tries not to display reality as unreal. Words cannot do justice to pure consciousness. Words are mere pawns in a board of chess. The whole board is of paramount importance. I know I did not write this. As in I did not want to write this. I have just tried to express something deeper and would be more than honored if people critiqued me on this than honored me. Do not think and write. It spoils writing.


Contributed by -
Saswati Upadhyaya,
Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.