Living Life King-size : Positive Side of all the things in our Life!

Rabia Dhody | March 27,2014 04:22 pm IST

Are you vexed with everything about life? Do you feel like running away from this stressful regime? Do you often pine for the utopian world that exists nowhere? Do you fantasize things that never seem to happen? Ultimately, you tend to think that life is completely negative and you get to see the positive shades only in dreams. Take a break.

You are not the only one thinking in this way. Our living and work culture have dissipated the basic idea of happiness and most of us are under constant stress.


We are living in a culture and age where there is so much information that people are on information overload. We are also living in a time where people are overscheduled, overbooked, and have not discovered how to get margin back into their lives. People are living imbalanced lives and as a result everything else is viewed and received in a fast and frantic pace. Communication suffers because we want our stories on the radio with a 10 second intro, a 15 second sound-bite, and a 5 second exit line. Television news stories, you get a minute 15 because of visuals. It use to 1:30. If you do that nowadays, you will lose your audience at 55 seconds, and your news director boss will reprimand you for going too long. You can try to break free from the clutches of stress and negativity by considering the factors stated here.


Focus on the bigger picture
Most of us are so much absorbed in trivial issues, that we instantly lose focus on the bigger picture. Such attitude adds fuel to the fire. We tend to begin a cycle that leads us to despair. Learn to forgive your little mistakes. Praise yourself for all your little achievements. Understand the fact that little mistakes do not cost your life. If you really master this concept of looking at the bigger picture, you will be more confident that things are not as awry as you think.


Learn from your experiences
Even though each second teaches us many lessons, we ignore these lessons and experiences. Tame your mind to store each experience and come up with some rationale behind the occurrence of each event. This helps gain an understanding of the way in which things happen and you can comfortably use your experience to solve problems in the future. Remember this also boosts your confidence levels and dispels the negativity and self-pity.


Expect the unexpected.


You need not go berserk when things do not happen as planned or expected. You should be brave enough to face any consequences. It is not the end of the world if one of your plans failed because of an unexpected occurrence. Be completely prepared to face even the most adverse circumstances. This preparation slowly becomes a habit and you will never fear of failure.


Embrace change even before it begins

Most of us are reluctant to embrace change. Let us think it the other way. There are always clues that some change is going to occur. We tend to delete these clues from our minds just because we do not appreciate such a change. When change is inevitable, it is always advised to be prepared to face the change even before it occurs. You should always be eager to take things in your stride. Consider each new challenge that comes into your way as an adventure and face it with zeal and fervor.


Understand the advantages of flexibility
Some people are always at advantage because they are flexible. We have understood that change is constant. We also need to understand that change is continuous. You need to be very flexible to embrace such a continuous change. It is good to have ideals and principles. A certain amount of flexibility makes you more intelligent and you take little time to counter the various challenges that life poses.


Assess the strength of various consequences
Prepare a list of consequences that might occur for any plan or event. Assess the individual strength of each consequence in disturbing you. If you think that a particular course of action might terribly disturb you, plan some alternative courses of action. If action is beyond your control, try to make other accommodations so that you are not so comfortable with the situation. Learn to take things in your stride. If you merrily accept it, it is going to be far better than you have expected.


Appreciate the significance of forecasting
Develop the habit forecasting things. Some people think that this adds to your frustration. It would certainly add if you think only in the pessimistic way. An optimistic outlook shatters all the fear and pain and you will be happy to look at better things. The advantage of forecasting is that you tend to be more accurate in your plans. You can always have a control in your execution if you know what you have forecasted. Visionaries have succeeded in their goals and visions just because they had a clear vision of what they wanted to be. You can also tread in the same path to embrace success.


Clarify your expectations to people
It is not necessary that most problems fall within your purview. There are many problems for which the solutions are beyond your reach and you need to seek the help of people. Even before you lose your temper, try to clarify your expectations from people. This applies to both the personal and professional fronts. It all takes a little amount of effort to first understand your expectations and elucidate them.



Rabia Dhody is an MBA from University of Pune, and is currently working as Vice President in for the last 2 years. Prior to Jabong she has worked as Motricity- HR Head South Asia, HR Business Partner with Dell India and as manager with Reliance Capital - Life Insurance Division....