Shortcut to Nobel

Kisholoy Roy | October 06,2010 02:25 pm IST

Does a kindergarten student deserve a mobile handset or a pocket money of say hundred rupees? Is he fit to realize its importance and the correct way to utilize it? No is the outright answer and that's exactly the case with Barack Obama. Who was he couple of years back?

The world was hardly aware of this name leave alone recognizing his face that has that protruding upper jaw rather than anything else to speak of.

Today he is a declared winner of the coveted Nobel Peace Prize but frankly speaking he has done very little till date to deserve the award. No revolutionary step taken that has brought peace and amity in this world. So why is he receiving this award?


It seems his Presidential Election lectures have done the trick. He wooed not just the US but the entire world through his speeches prior to being elected as the American President. The entire world I suppose was praying for his victory that was supposed to turn around this world for the better. The TRPs on the news channels day he was sworn in were sky high even in our country as if a messiah was being offered the rightful place in this world.


But then what happened? Obama was quick to realize that if he went the way he promised to in his speeches, he would basically be staring at his extinction and so he started following the 'calf path'. In other words, following the footsteps of his predecessor George Bush Jr. Were the promises and the dreams that Obama carefully weaved through meticulously chosen words during his election days enough to bring him a Nobel? Perhaps the word 'Peace' has assumed different connotation in today's world. It has become more of a feel good factor rather than anything else. It seems that today the world is united in its belief that peace cannot return on this earth literally. It will be in some kind of a fabricated avatar that the world will go gung ho about.


One must praise Obama for he realized much earlier the shortcut to winning the Nobel. Many real crusaders of peace in the past were not so clever in understanding the nuances of winning the Nobel. In fact winning the hearts of the Nobel committee. Words speak greater than actions is what Obama has proved to this world. The age old saying that actions speak louder than words has been reversed by Barack Obama. Let's see what other age old sayings are reversed by this gentleman.



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