Spirituality - An Interpretation

 | October 08,2010 03:46 pm IST

How does one define spirituality? Does it have to do with religion? Does it have to do with God? Does it have to do with the mind?


Spirituality is a widely debated issue, just about as regularly talked about as the Jessica Lall murder case nowadays, but just as in the latter, have we arrived at a conclusion???


The word spiritual, throws up about seven meanings in the dictionary, right from

of or pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature to
of or relating to the mind or intellect to
of or pertaining to sacred things or matters; religious; devotional; sacred..



In other words, everyone interprets it differently... or just about everybody is confused as much as the other.

Most people talk about inner discovery in the name of spirituality; finding the inner self, or realize their true potential, or the purpose of life. It remains to be answered whether such questions can really be laid to rest. People pursue meditation and the likes in the quest for the same, and what was once a tool, has now become an opportunity for commercial success. Which explains the sprouting up of as many gurus and ashrams as management institutes.


Spirituality is also thought to be a tributary of religion, that is, an attempt to connect with God. Many schools preach that spirituality would eventually lead to nirvana. This is often used by many, though, nowadays, as a shortcut, if you will, to promote religion, in today's world, where most individuals have neither the time nor inclination for any religion.


A different interpretation, though, has arisen. Spirituality as a stress buster. Spirituality as a personality building tool. In a world filled with increasing pressures and with shifting emphasis on the need for "complete managers", it poses to be a handy tool for fighting stress and overall development. Understandably, most B-schools and corporate houses now incorporate a course on spirituality or its sub-set tools.


At an individual level, spirituality, as a concept, is open to interpretation. But increasingly, it is not so much a practice as it is a tool.

I meditate.
I visit the temple.
I practice self control.
I discuss philosophy.

I search for God.
I search for peace.
I search for meaning.
Am I spiritual?
I may be, but mostly I search for myself.


Contributed by -
Deepa Iyer,
Student of PGP at BIM, Trichy,
Article published in KRIYA, September'06 Issue, the monthly magazine of the institute.



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R. Gopalakrishnan on 10/09/10 at 07:00 am

Deepa Iyer's article is wonderful.

Highly educative . Brief, and with most of the points.

Look forward to such articles,

God bless u.

R. Gopalakrishnan