Who Does Not Have Bad Days!!!

 | September 27,2010 04:23 pm IST

Star stuck! Got a great job! Good for you..

Well, the celebrations galore for those who think they got their dream jobs, dream salaries, and then there is another camp which had settled for less glamorous jobs.


Zoom into time... May be six months down the line, the guys who pocketed dream jobs would be doing the routine work which makes one think, "Is this what I am in for?" Those who had not been so lucky, would be doing the same thing...


Welcome to the real world...


The point I am trying to make is, once on a job, whatever nomenclature, it's bound to be routine at least in a certain way sooner or later. And there would be worst days too! Days when there is nothing to do.


New job, great enthusiasm, eagerness to learn... But no, you don't have much work to do except check the e-mails, and the lucky ones browse the Internet... and the not-so-lucky ones... well, they just look at the monitor... on and on and on... like waiting for Godot.


And the usual scenario of not-so-good-bosses... who can define a good boss, anyway!


So how to let ourselves not go crazy?


Well, roughly plan out the day ahead. One cannot predict the work load but atleast one can plan what to do when there is no work load, try reading about new topics... it is all serendipity - one can never know what idea might work where.


Expand your horizon, Just look out, observe people, there is a lot to be gained by just observing people.

The general pattern is that in the B-schools, our subjects are divided roughly into four streams - HR, Finance, Marketing & Systems. But whoever said that marketing would not involve planning about costs and revenue or where would money come from if not from marketing??? So wake up, don't narrowly confine yourself to a particular stream. Think holistically.


If all these ideas don't work - just chill, understand that there are bad days and leave it at that.

Because tomorrow is yet another NEW Day!!!



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Gomathi Krishnamurthy is B.A. and L.L.B., and holds PGDBM (Finance) qualifications from BIM, Bangalore (Batch of 2006). Has 10 years experience in various departments of Indian Railways, and is currently working as Consultant - LEGAL with Ma Foi Management Consultants Limited.