US Universities visits IIMK to strengthen educational ties with India

 | March 20,2013 04:45 pm IST

Indian Institute of Management (IIMK) hosted 12 US University administrators brought by US- India Educational Foundation (USIEF) at their Satellite Campus in Kochi on March 19, 2013. US Universities aspire to strengthen relationship with Indian Institutes to expand educational ties with India.


The dignitaries were addressed by IIMK faculty members, Prof. Raju and Prof. Shubhasis Dey, about the Indian Higher Education System and opportunities for US-India Higher Education Co-operation in a meeting held at Hotel Taj Malabar, Kochi on March 18, 2013. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Raju, briefed the dignitaries on the Institute’s establishment and presented the different arenas of collaborations such as student exchange programmes in associated subjects of IIMK, research collaboration, teacher exchange programmes etc. He also spoke about issues and solutions present in such internationalization of higher education. Prof. Shubhasis Dey, emphasized how India & US can benefit from each other in various domains. He also presented how Kerala is not plagued by concerns of security, infrastructure, and accessibility. Foreign students can also earn credits by associating with IIMK’s involvement in social projects during the exchange programmes. Shri Sreenivasan, Former Ambassador, permanent representative of India in UN and current Vice Chairman of Higher Education Council, State of Kerala addressed some questions on internationalization of higher education before elaborating on the state of higher education in India and Kerala.


· 12 US University Key Decision Makers visit IIMK Kochi Satellite Campus

· The possible collaborations will facilitate exchange programmes for American students in India & faculty, framing and delivery of curricula by a consortium of Universities


Prof. Raju guided the dignitaries through the IIMK Satellite campus property. The dignitaries lauded the state-of-the-art facilities of the Satellite campus and enquired about admissions of international students in the executive programmes.


The convoy of these 12 US Universities mainly included decision makers in their Institutes, who visited Delhi, Mumbai and Kochi as part of their India tour from March 9 to 24, 2013 The team envisions learning about policies, planning and administration of higher education in India by visiting various Central Universities, affiliated colleges and non-Governmental organizations in order to interact with higher education administrators, teachers, students and policy planners.


Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director, IIMK, said, “As the country is working towards liberalizing the Indian education system, IIMK aims to work as a catalyst for creating serious academic collaborations with Institutions of international repute. This will help in our endeavour to Globalize Indian thought leadership.”


The possible collaborations include exchange programmes for American students in India, faculty, framing and delivery of curricula by a consortium of Universities etc. For example, one such outstanding exchange opportunities offered to Indian citizens by USIEF is ‘The Fulbright – Nehru International Education Administrators program’ which aims to provide US Higher Education Administrators first-hand knowledge of the higher education sector in India to enable informed decisions with regard to potential academic and institutional collaborations in India.