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Operations Seminar | Agribusiness Supply Chain Management | IIM Lucknow

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IIM Lucknow

Agribusiness Supply Chain Management
Program Directors: Prof. M. K. Awasthi & Prof. Jabir Ali
October 11-13, 2006
at IIM Lucknow
Program Fee: Rs. 20,250 per participant


  • Participants will develop sound understanding of agribusiness supply chain management.

  • Participants will develop analytical skills required for assessing the performance of various participants in the chain.

  • Skill developed in this programme will help participants in identification and designing effective and efficient supply chain system for value addition at various levels.


  • Senior Executives of various agro-based organizations involved in managing operations of the company.

  • Government officials in relevant ministries and departments focusing on value addition in agriculture sector.


  • Day 1: Evaluate how the changes in the competitive environment influence the formation and management of agribusiness supply chain;

  • Day 2: Understand the basic concepts which underpin the formation, operation and performance of supply chain management; and

  • Day 3: Evaluate the performance of selected agribusiness supply chains in terms of value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.

    Mail your queries to:
    Prof. M. K. Awasthi :

    For further details, please contact: -
    Program Manager,
    Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow,
    Prabandh Nagar, Off Sitapur Road, Lucknow - 226 013.
    Phone: (0522) 2734101-23 (23 lines)
    Direct: (0522) 2736282, 2736284 and 2736285
    Fax: (0522) 2734025/26
    E-mail: /
    Refer: CoolAvenues' MDP Alert

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