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HR Seminar | Improving Communication & Interpersonal Effectiveness | IIM Calcutta

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IIM Calcutta

Improving Communication & Interpersonal Effectiveness
Program Director: Prof. Leena Chatterjee
January 28-30, 2008
At IIMC Campus, Joka
Fees: INR 18,000/-

Objectives: Effective communication and interpersonal skills are prerequisites to successful management of people in organizations. Managing teams and groups, resolving interpersonal conflicts, and handling negotiations are but a few of the areas where it is imperative to possess such skills.

Almost all communications and interpersonal interactions are influenced by our assumptions pertaining to the situation. Thus the first step to achieving effective communication and interpersonal relationships is to develop an awareness of our own managerial styles. With a proper understanding of oneself, a manager can work towards developing and improving the basic tenets of effective communication such as listening and responding, and giving and receiving feedback.

These skills can be further utilized in developing strategies for managing a variety of specific interpersonal situations. In this context the objective of this Programme is to help participants to hone their interpersonal communication skills and to develop insights into managing oneself and one's relationships with others.

For: Senior and middle level managers from any functional area.

Contents: The programme is divided into the following three modules: -

Module 1: To enhance self- awareness through feedback to participants about their needs, orientations and personal styles in managing relationships and roles.
Module 2: To help participants to examine their communication styles and to hone their skills in listening, responding, giving and receiving feedback and persuasion.
Module 3: To help participants to develop insights into managing interpersonal relations in some specific organizational contexts such as developing and counselling employees, managing teams and groups, and resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Mail your queries to
Prof. Leena Chatterjee :

For details, contact: -
The Executive Assistant - CMDP,
Indian Institute of Management,
Diamond Harbour Road, Joka,
Kolkata - 700104
Phone: 033-24679189/ 8300 (6 lines) Extn. 134
Fax: 033-24677851 / 24678307
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