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English Grammar | Lessons in Past Indefinite Tense & Past Continuous Tense

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English Grammar
Lessons in Past Indefinite Tense & Past Continuous Tense


Page - 5

Exercise No. 3

Correct the following sentences: -

1. We lived in a village where there were no electricity those days.
2. Why your friend opposed you while you are his best friend?
3. Did my grandchild not awarded for his excellent performance?
4. Why she complained to me of your rudeness?
5. Hot winds blew when we traveled by car.
6. Shakespeare has written 37 plays, which are universally acknowledged.
7. My friend has lived in the USA for about 40 years. Now he has lived in India.
8. I overwhelmed with excitement and exultation when I heard the good news regarding the present intrigue.
9. The standing crops were perished following hailstorm.
10. While playing she badly wounded, however, she rushed to hospital.
11. I was knowing the fact, still I kept mum.
12. The students were not listening to the lecturer when he was teaching them.
13. Who did tell you such absurd things?
14. Does your friend not stand by you when you were in trouble?
15. Bright students all over India awarded for their achievements.
16. When Akbar was borne, the condition of his father was very miserable.
17. A musshif had lived in my neighbourhood. He has had a big garden which had always remained green. So all the doors of the garden closed all the time.
18. Suddenly the cannons of Humayun had gone wrong and Akbar's life saved.
19. Many a candidate of our party has been defeated in the Lok Sabha election last year.
20. I have passed the High School Exam in 1961.
21. I found that the lady is shouting and yelling for nothing.
22. The strikers shouted slogans to win the favour of the public and then the police wielded canes on them.
23. The Prime Minister has returned from his foreign tour yesterday.
24. How you knew that your brother is against you?
25. The tourists gathered to enjoy themselves when a film was shot in Nainital.
26. Many battles have been fought in the past. However, the history tells that wars and battles always brought catastrophe and nothing else.
27. I have had tea and toast two minutes ago.
28. As soon as the first drop of the rain fall upon the old woman, she got up with a start and had run towards her hut.


Click here to reach English Forums to post your answers to Exercise No. 3.

Note: The Answers would be made available to you next week in the same forum.

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