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MBA Placement 2010 | Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

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Placement 2010

 Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta 

Rise in Average Salary & Diversity of Profiles Highlights Placements at IIM Calcutta


Lateral Placements - Overview

The lateral placement process is for students with considerable work-experience, where candidates are offered roles depending upon the nature and duration of their work-ex.

During the laterals process, candidates are allowed to negotiate the nature of their roles and their packages with the firm, as opposed to final placements where firms hire for specific positions. The laterals process allows candidates to design their own roles and responsibilities and thus ensures a perfect fit between the candidate and the job.

This year, the laterals process began in the first week of January and continued till the last week of February. The minimum amount of work-experience required to be eligible for the laterals process was set at 10 months and 170 out of the 280-strong batch were eligible for the process. 46 firms visited the campus during the laterals process and 92 offers were made at the end of the laterals process.

Mahindra & Mahindra recruited during laterals for the first time. i-Nautix, Star TV, Amazon and Microsoft were some of our recruiters during this process. Roles like Manager of Strategy and Asst. Vice President were offered this year to students participating in the laterals process The laterals process this year at IIM Calcutta was the most successful across all IIMs and enabled us to start the final placement process with 92 laterals offers and 36 PPOs, which amounted to a total of 128 offers already in hand.

Batch Profile

The batch of 2010 comprised of 35% freshers and 65% students with prior work-experience. Among them, 12 % of the students had work-experience of more than 36 months. Among the 278 students, 22 were women students. A total of 7 students opted out of the placement process from the batch of 285. Among them, 2 students will be pursuing further education, 2 will be working for the government in public sector firms, 2 will be starting their own start-ups and one student plans to pursue his creative interests in filming and ad-making. A fellow program student pursuing his doctorate was also placed in the finals process.

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